Tom Webb

I am a marine macroecologist with broad interests in describing and understanding large-scale patterns in the distribution and abundance of life in the seas. previously a Royal Society University Research Fellow, I am now a lecturer in marine ecology and conservation in the Department of Animal & Plant Sciences, University of Sheffield. I lead the macroecology and ecoinformatics module, and the cumulative effects work package, of the Marine Ecosystems Research Programme.




Miriam grace

I am a Post-Doctoral Research Associate on the Marine Ecosystems Research Programme.

chris griffiths

I am a PhD student looking at the role that size plays in marine systems, with a particular focus on how body size influences physical characteristics such as movement at the individual, population and community level.






I am a PhD student looking at how unstructured and biased datasets can be used to derive meaningful trends in global marine biodiversity, mainly working with the Ocean Biogeographic Information System (OBIS).




I am a PhD student focusing on quantifying the uncertainty in marine ecosystem model ensembles and identifying the best methods to communicate the outputs to non-specialist audiences, including decision-makers and the general public.





I am a PhD student studying how changes in environmental variation will affect macroecological patterns of diversity in marine and terrestrial ecosystems. I am particularly interested in how temporal and spatial mismatches in resource availability and consumer need will be amplified up the food web, and if correlations exist in the responses of marine and terrestrial populations.



Loreto pino

I am a PhD student from Chile, funded by CONICYT, studying Chilean benthic bidiversity.




Remi was a postdoctoral researcher working with the NERC/Defra-funded Marine Ecosystems Research Programme (MERP) from 2014-2017. He used quantitative tools to test macroecological hypotheses describing the functioning of complex, large-scale ecological systems, and collecting and formatting of data sets. Remi now applies his data skills as a civil servant in the Department of Health.

LEIGh howarth

Leigh worked on thermal traits of European marine species as a post-doc supported by EMODnet biology in 2017-18. He was interested in deriving thermal traits from OBIS occurrence data and various gridded temperature datasets. He is now a post-doctoral fellow at Dalhousie University working on benthic ecology and aquaculture.


Beth completed her NERC-funded PhD on variation in deep-sea fish communities over space and time in 2016. She was particularly interested in how certain aspects of assemblages change along the depth gradient of the continental slope, including morphological traits, diversity metrics, and size-based indicators. After a spell as a MERP post-doc with Axel Rossberg at QMUL, she now works on data at the NHS.

abigail marshall

Abigail completed her NERC-CASE PhD (with Cefas) on environmental and fisheries drivers of changes in body size in North Sea fish in 2017. She worked on incorporating additional environmental variables (in particular oxygen) into existing size-based marine ecosystem models. She now uses her quantitative and oceanographic skills at the Ministry of Defence.

Samiya selim

Samiya completed her NERC CASE PhD (with NEIFCA) on coastal ecosystem service provision in 2015. She was interested in cultural ecosystem services on the Yorkshire coast, and on shifting baselines in the context of Yorkshire fisheries. She is now Associate Professor and Director of Centre for Sustainable Development at University of Liberal Arts in Bangladesh

Anna krystalli

Anna completed her NERC-funded PhD on the macroecology of zooplankton in 2014. She used CPR Survey data to model the distributions of key copepod species in the North Sea. Anna is now a Research Software Engineer at the University of Sheffield.

beth churn

Beth graduated with an MBiolSci in 2018. She worked on functional diversity in Scottish marine biodiversity, in particular how well covered this is by the current MPA network.

Aaron lines

Aaron graduated with an MBiolSci in 2018. He worked range shifts in European fish, comparing rates of movement in juveniles vs. adults.

Laura Abels

Laura graduated with an MBiolSci in 2017. She worked on hotspots of UK marine biodiversity. She went on to work for the Environment Agency.

Luke williams

Luke graduated with an MBiolSci in 2017. He worked on Sexual Size Dimorphism in sharks.

Joe bostock jones

Joe was an MRes student in our group, graduating in 2017. He worked on the community thermal index and temperature of the catch of North Sea fish. He went on to work at Chester Zoo.


Josh was a Masters student who worked on the distribution of marine biodiversity around the UK, in particular identifying hotspots of biodiversity. He graduated with an MBiolSci in 2015 and went on to work as a marine advisor for Natural England.


Natacha visited our group in 2015 as part of her Masters degree in Paris, working on Biodiversity Informatics, more specifically on mapping the geographical distribution of zooplankton genetic knowledge by cross mapping distribution databases (such as OBIS) with Genbank.

Conor waldock

Conor graduated with an MBiolSci in 2014. He worked on the scaling of space use in marine predators. He went on to study for a PhD with Amanda Bates in Southampton and Andy Purvis at the Natural History Museum.

Jake bedford

Jake graduated with an MBiolSci in 2014. He worked on how the timing of seabird reproduction is linked to temperature, zooplankton, and fish phenology. He went on to study for a PhD on zooplankton and marine policy with Abigail McQuatters-Gollop at Plymouth.